Our state of the art cyber security systems allow businesses to run without worrying about cyber attacks. Hackers are well aware that smaller entities and public-funded departments, first responders, and hospitals typically lack the needed funding and early adoption of the latest security technologies. There is no doubt that implementing the proper security products to your network can be quite expensive. This is why we offer multiple monthly payment options through Synchrony.

Importance of Cyber Security

Digital transformation (DX) is changing our world in many amazing ways and at a rapid adoption rate. Although the evolution of new technologies has provided many advantages – it has also increased the attack surface for cybercrime, raising the level of risk and the complexity for security management and compliance.

Regardless of how or why someone is trying to possess your information, identity, bank accounts, or just trying to interrupt your daily life – FixIT Tek has your best interest in mind. When fighting cyber attacks, we leverage leading security practices and tools to protect, prevent, and regain any information stolen by malware, ransomware, social engineering, or phishing.

Timing Is Key

Holes in web applications, virtual networks, mobility, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) have increased the attack surface and created numerous ways for hackers to gain access to our devices and data. Today anything with an IP address, such as a security camera, an HVAC system, a POS system, and much more. These can be unsuspected doorways into a network. So how do we get in front of these risks? Time is our most valuable asset. Faster detection and faster time to containment are key! FixIT Tek can help automate management, remove threats, and reduce downtime.

Cost of Breach

For a business, the loss of intellectual property and damage to a brand can be costly. As for the latest reports: The average cost is $148 per record compromised It takes 196 days to detect a breach The average global cost of a data breach is $3.86M

Hackers Hitting Small Towns Across America

Yes, you – small-town America is the target. Why? Because cybercriminals have plenty of tools and time on their hands. Hackers gain access through a multitude of ways, crippling entities by seizing data, taking control of computer networks, phone systems, utilities, and even shutting off unprotected E911 systems. FixIT Tek is proud to be local and ready to stand beside your team in protecting our communities. Sharing the best security practices and technologies to protect your department. If we start to protect today, then we can secure tomorrow!

Security Services

  • Information Protection
  • Endpoint Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • HIPPA and PCI Compliance Services
  • Deployment and Integration Services

FortiGate Firewalls From Fortinet

A great way to protect your information or, in some cases, customer information is to get a firewall. Firewalls monitor all information going in and out and alert users about anything unsafe to protect your data and stop any viruses or bugs from getting in.

Fortinet offers some of the industry's best Next-Generation Firewalls, which is why we are proud to partner with them. At FixIT Tek, we aim to provide affordable and efficient security solutions to help organizations transform their business.

Cyber Threat Assessment Program

The Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) is designed to give you unmatched insight into your current security posture and network activity. Learn more about your network by giving us a call and registering for an assessment today!

Syncro Endpoint Protection

Confront the entire threat lifecycle to thwart the impact of attacks on endpoints. The Syncro platform delivers the defenses you need to prevent, detect, and undo—known and unknown—threats. Syncro is a certified anti-virus replacement for Windows and MacOS.