FixIT Tek is one of the most trusted IT solutions and services providers in Ocala. We have been offering efficient IT and technology services to businesses and individual owners in and around central Florida for many years. Our goal is to be your reliable IT team, whom you can call for any kind of IT and technology-related concerns.

We at FixIT Tek are committed to offering innovative and consistent IT solutions and technology services to everyone that will help them in their digital transformation journey. Our friendly staff has all the technical expertise and industry experience required to deal with your concerns and needs in the most appropriate way. You can rely on us for computer repair, laptop repair, and phone repair services to managed emails, cybersecurity, network solutions, and more. No matter what your IT and technology-related requirements are, we will find the best way to address those needs proficiently.

Our Services

FixIT Tek follows a proactive approach to reduce the downtime that happens due to a system failure or network issue. We realize that customer service is of utmost importance in today’s era to stay competitive in the industry. That is why we offer all-inclusive services to take responsibility for the entire IT infrastructure of your company. This way, you can:

  • Ensure maximum uptime with no unforeseen technology breakdowns
  • Save capital for important business projects
  • Use your time for more profitable ventures
  • Cater to the needs of your customers without any lags

Our custom service packages ensure that you get what you need without having to break the bank. From wireless network services to phone repair Ocala, we are here to team up with you and provide your expert support for all your requirements.

IT Consulting

We offer comprehensive IT consulting services to ensure that you get the best hardware for your needs. You can find many laptops for sale when you search for “computer stores near me”, but you need to ensure that it will suit your requirements well before buying.

Computer Repair Ocala

You can call us for any kind of computer repair jobs, be it hardware-related issues or virus removals. Our team will assess the problem and find the best approach to get your computer back to its working state promptly.

Laptop Repair

No need to look for “laptop repair near me” anymore – you are in the right place. We can take care of all kinds of laptop repair problems, be it hard drive replacement or OS corruption, and for all laptop brands and models too.

Printer Repair

We can deal with any kind of printer problems and get your device up and running in no time. We are specialized in managing the issues experienced by Brother Printers and honor their warranties as well. Yet you can also get in touch with us for repairing printers from other brands.

Mobile Repair

If you are based in Ocala and searching for “phone repair near me”, then look no further. We are equipped to offer you quality mobile repair services that include everything from iPhone screen repair to fixing motherboard issues and beyond.

Selectel Wireless

We offer Selectel Wireless networking services in Ocala to all kinds of business establishments. As Selectel Wireless runs on the Verizon network, it ensures you great coverage and high-end plans. It does not lock you in any contract either; plans start at $25.

Full PC Cleaning

You can call us for a scheduled PC cleanup to detect and remove all the hidden threats and malware from your computer. This will ensure that you have a safe and secure system for managing your day-to-day business operations. We will also test all the computer components to make certain that they are functioning well.

Backup and Recovery

A dependable backup and recovery plan is vital for all businesses to ensure that they do not lose any important data in case of an emergency. Our cloud-based backup solutions are designed to keep all your data safe and secure. This way, you can access them from anywhere and easily recover the files in case of a system breakdown.

Remote Service

You can get in touch with us for a quick resolution in case you are experiencing any technical problems. Our experts will connect to your device through remote access to get the issues fixed promptly. We can also offer phone support to address your concerns.

Cloud Networking

Cloud can offer many benefits to all kinds of businesses, although most people find it too complicated to migrate to cloud networking. We can help you to tap into the full potential of cloud with the best solutions, which would facilitate easy digital transformation for your business.

Hosted Emails

We offer cost-effective and highly customizable email service plans to businesses to meet their various needs. This not just makes it easier for you to connect with your customers and clients, but also allows you to do that through a secured channel.

Data Recovery

If you have lost some files due to a technical glitch or corrupted hard drive, you can contact us for recovering the data. We partner with DriveSavers to extract data from your corrupted or damaged drives and save them on a secure location for you to access.

Networking Services

We offer unsurpassed networking services to businesses of all sizes. Our experts will monitor your network regularly and ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted and fast internet connectivity always. You can also connect through our secure servers and benefit from high-end network gateways and firewalls.

Voice and Collaboration

We offer an effective omnichannel solution for your voice and communication-related needs. Our experts can help you with installing business phone systems, self-service channels, call accounting, employee collaboration tools, mobility services, video conferencing solutions, and more.


Our high-tech cybersecurity systems are designed to detect all kinds of cyberattacks and thwart them in time. We offer multiple plans through Synchrony to make sure that you get the best cybersecurity solutions as per your needs and budget. We can help you with endpoint security, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and prevention, PCI compliance, and more.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your IT related concerns apart from “computer repair near me”, then FixIT Tek is the name you can count on. We are a locally-owned company in Ocala and strive to deliver the best quality IT solutions and services to the community at the most reasonable costs. From running a cyber threat assessment program to implementing next-gen firewalls and antivirus software, you can hire us for all kinds of IT and technology needs. Contact us now!

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