Full PC Cleaning- Our Full PC cleaning package starts at only $99.99. This package includes full service on your entire machine inside and out. We use the latest technology to detect and remove all viruses and malware affecting your operating system and browsers to ensure a safe and secure user session.  We also run test on your system to ensure that all components are functioning to their full potential. In addition to the virtual cleaning we also physically clean the components to help increase the life span and keep them running to their full potential.

Laptop/Desktop Upgrades- FixIT Tek offers a wide variety of upgrades to almost any machine, business or personal. Video Cards for the gamers and designers, RAM, SSDs, Processors, Motherboards, Cases, and much more. We also offer custom builds to fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Mobile Device Repair- No matter the size of the device, we have you covered. We offer screen/LCD repair, charging port, motherboard, front and rear facing cameras, etc. And with many parts in stock we can have you in and out in no time.

Service Calls-Don’t want to bring your equipment into the shop? No problem! We offer home and business on site services. We can setup, repair, or service any devices you may have including, but not limited to computers, printers, routers, and any other smart device you need to make your daily life a little simpler.

Secure Backups- We offer a cloud based back up system that can ensure all your documents, pictures, etc. are safe and secure. So even if your system crashes or you need to change to a new computer, you will be able to download all the backed-up files on any device from anywhere. We offer many different sized packages to best suit you and your needs, so weather you’re a business or residential client we can help keep you up and running with little to no effort.

Verified Data Destruction- We offer a free of charge data destruction program. If you need to get a new computer or are just recycling your old one and don’t know what to do with the current information on your hard drive, no worries. We will give you a certificate of destruction stating that all files have been destroyed.