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With many years of experience and extraordinary customer service, FixIT Tek is the best one stop shop! We have options for any and all of your technology repairs and questions.



FixIT Tek partners with leading technologies and provides technical services, bringing you secure LAN/WLAN, WAN and SD-WAN deployment. Never be in the dark again with our fast acting team.



We help protect, prevent and regain any information stolen by malware, ransomware, social engineering or phishing attacks. You want to stop the attacks before they even begin.



People are staying on the internet longer as time goes on, having that internet presence is crucial. Having a website is more important for a successful business than ever before.

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FixIT Tek has been a trusted local provider of technology services and solutions for many years. We strive to be the best addition to your IT team in providing top-notch, quality, and timely service. FixIT Tek provides an encouraging environment of diversity, accountability, and support for continuous development. Teaming with our valued customers has helped us grow our business. We’d like to head into nearly a decade of business continuing to grow with a commitment to delivering innovative and secure technologies to our community.

Our Latest Services

Preparing for your success, we provide IT solutions


IT Management

FixIT Tek offers many different types of business and residential IT management packages.


Networking/ Firewalls / Cyber Security

FixIT Tek offers the most secure and up to date technology and hardware to help prevent Cyber attacks. Partnered with FortiNet!


Printer & Copier Management

Our highly skilled technicians are certified to repair, replace and manage all of your office/residential printers and copiers.


Website Design

Partnered with Myrror Digital, FixIT Tek has highly skilled associates ready to help you make all of your online visions possible.


Computer Repair

Our highly skilled staff have been trained to repair or upgrade any type of device with the highest quality parts as efficiently as possible.


Phone Repair

FixIT Tek can repair almost any of your mobile devices, and we only use the highest quality of part available on the market. Most repairs are done the same day if parts are available.

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We run all kinds of IT services that grow your success

How FixIT Tek Assists your business

Using the highest quality equipment and software FixIT Tek will help all of your day-to-day tasks to be seamless, efficient, effortless, and secure.


Now offering Selectel Wireless

Selectel Wireless runs off of the Verizon network so you know you are getting great coverage and now for an even greater deal! All plans give you unlimited talk and text and the prepaid service means you are not locked in a contract! Plans starting at $25


Next Generation Firewall

A great way to protect your information or in some cases customer information, we set up the firewall system to monitor all information going in and out. It alerts us regarding anything that is unsafe so that we can protect your information and stop any viruses or bugs from getting in.


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