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We are T.E.K.

Trustworthy – Efficient – Knowledgeable

Information Technology

With many years of experience and extraordinary customer service, FixIT Tek is the best one stop shop for any and all of your technology repairs and questions.


FixIT Tek partners with leading technologies and provides technical services, bringing you secure LAN/WLAN, WAN and SD-WAN deployment for your home or business.


We help protect, prevent and regain any information stolen by malware, ransomware, social engineering or phishing attacks.

Website Development

Our development team can work all hours of the day to bring you the cleanest and most stylish websites to attract a new wave of clients.

Next Generation Firewalls

A great way to protect your information or in some cases customer information, we set up the firewall system to monitor all information going in and out. It alerts us regarding anything that is unsafe so that we can protect your information and stop any viruses or bugs from getting in.

Support Calls

FixIT Tek is proud to provide technical support to folks in our local communities; as well as regional and national organizations. We support clients from small independent owners to local/state entities to commercial or enterprise companies. Often technical issues can be resolved quickly over the phone through remote access to a device. It’s a simple, quick, and effective way to resolve issues when you need it.


What do our customers say about us?

I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses!! This is one awesome business!! Everyone is just amazing!! I am not phone savvy nor computer savvy!! These wonderful men fixed me right up in 30 mins.

Vicki M.

If I could give the guys that own it and work there 10 stars I would. I had a Skype meeting for business one Monday and my PC crashed the Thursday before. Nothing was working. They fixed my problem, and had everything done by the next day! It was all for a low price that blew my mind.

Dom S.

I think this team is great at what they do – I refer a lot of my customers with computer issues to these guys and always get a good response back from them. Keep up the good work guys.

Diana W.

These guys are amazing. They are my go-to whenever I need something done with my phone. They also did some new shirts for my business and they turned out nice!!! They are right in Belleview, FL!

Jason H.

I got a fantastic customer service in FixIT Tek in Belleview from the employees, especially from Ian.

Matthias B.

Very knowledgeable staff and well organized.

Paul B.

Best Place of its class

Anthony A.

Fast, affordable, reliable repairs!

Sometimes done without any wait

Angela G.