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UTI and like same infection

Dear . Dr. IAM facing itching and burning prob at the time of urine passing, and regual discharge automatically IAM sharing our uti report, please consider and suggest
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Ayurvedic treatment

Can we eat eggs or chicken during the process of taking Ayurvedic medicine in winter for PE and ED treatment ?
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Hiv test.

Can you explain the difference between hiv DNA pvr and hiv rna pcr , which test should be taken immediately after exposure to hiv
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Urinary tract infections

I have been suffering from UTI from 1 year..I am taking some alopthy medicine but still there is pain while urinate.irritation and burning and I need to do Urine with pressure
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Hiv related

I have no exposure land no cut in my body last 2 years but i have piles hemoroids problam and my hiv antibodies reactive how is possible plz find the attachment in report
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Feeling issue during the required days

Generally i have proper relationship with my wife, but somehow I feel short of feelings during the required days. So shall I need any medication to overcome this issue. Please suggest.
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Hi doctors,

If my patner test HIV  Elisa in 3 month negative what are chances to transmitted to me ? Plz suggest doctor
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How long will it take for the vein which is cut during varicocele surgery to fully stop function.. Some people tell it will take 1-2 months to get thrombosed and fibrosed..
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I experience erectile issues

I experience the issues due to the medication for anxiety and depression symptoms for past 3 months as confirmed by the psychiatrist. He advised me tazzle 10 mg once per day but am looking for a ayurvedic treatment as there seems to be lot of side effects of tazzle.
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Vasectomy surgery

How much cost for the vasectomy surgery in Hyderabad...And reference hospitals in Hyderabad... Kindly let me know
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