FixIT Tek has been a trusted local provider of technology services and solutions for many years. We strive to be the best addition to your IT team in providing top-notch, quality, and timely service. FixIT Tek provides an encouraging environment of diversity, accountability, and support for continuous development. Teaming with our valued customers has helped us grow our business. We’d like to head into nearly a decade of business continuing to grow with a commitment to delivering innovative and secure technologies to our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative IT solutions and services that help organizations move to a digital age and securely transform their business. Our friendly staff will provide top-notch service and equipment to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

Core Values
Trusted, Efficient, Knowledgeable - (TEK)

So what does this all mean to you? Our team believes in bringing true value to our clients and community. Providing the same quality service to our clients from the small home office to the large commercial business. We’re here to provide trusted, knowledgeable support as an extension of your team!

FixIT Tek simplifies choosing new technologies, handles upgrades, and solves frustrating technical issues. Our efficient services reduce overall technical staffing requirements, training, and operational costs. Allowing you to focus (and keep your team focused) on essential projects and achieve business goals!

John Tuminaro

Chief Executive/Financial Officer
John Tuminaro is an owner of several successful companies based in Pennsylvania and Florida. He takes passion in providing high level services for clients across all companies.

Brian Murphy

Chief Operations Officer
Brian is a partner with FixIT Tek that manages and grows our Northern tech team.